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Troubleshooting of repeater

1. The most common problem is that the voice is shaky and the speed is unstable. The main reason is that the aging of the belt, the torque of the motor can not be completely transmitted to the main shaft, resulting in throwing, or or transmitted torque unequal, resulting in shaking of the voice. This kind of fault is better repaired, just change the belt of the same type. But the best use of the original belt, not the original belt, often not long before the aging and relaxation, mainly due to the current market quality of the belt poor.
2, after using the walkman for a long time, the surface of the belt pulley will be polished, resulting in not enough friction to drive the tape. The method is to remove the belt pulley, to burnish the aging layer of the surface with very fine water sand paper, and to obtain greater frictional force by adjusting the pressure of the belt pulley spring

How to record the repeat machine?

1, first into a blank tape and a blank tape below the erasing piece not fall off, such as stick with tape.
2, the playback machine in the upper left corner of the recording switch to open position, and then press and hold the key for 2-3 seconds, near the recording state, the machine began recording.
3, after recording the press stop button, then the recording switch to the off position, then press the rewind button to return to the starting position and then recording by the playback button you can hear what you’ve just recorded sound or if not, please go to the local customer service consulting service center

How to use the repeater?

1, in the use of repetition machine before must carefully read the “manual”, the relevant terms, familiar with the repetition of the name of the function keys and usage after the operation, excellent performance can be fully rereader.
2, the use of dedicated adapter DC current, because different DC power supply, electrical performance parameters are not the same, will affect the use of effects, and even damage the machine.
3, when installing batteries, polarity should not be reversed. Do not use batteries with insufficient power, replace the batteries with insufficient power in time, so as to avoid excessive use of batteries, leakage of solvent and damage to the machine.
4, the tape fast forward, fast down operation, the tape fast forward, fast, after the end, you must press the stop button immediately, so as not to damage the movement and circuit, because the movement in the fast forward, fast down, there is no automatic stop function.

How to choose a repeat machine?

1 listen to the computer recording: enter your own voice when you try the machine, listen carefully after playback, and the higher the fidelity and clarity, the better;
2, listen to the voice of repetition: listening test in English, voice and sound audio tape to repeat more close, labiodentals as clear as possible;
3, listen to playback sound quality: with familiar music band, voice with audition, sound quality should be clear, the stronger the sense of hierarchy, the more ideal.
4, choose the brand. Only professional manufacturers to produce excellent quality products. Good brands represent good quality and service;
5, function: in addition to the basic function of repeat, repeat and contrast, should also be the best with digital wire, ultra clear stereo sound, repetition, high stable constant current charging, nine stage extraction, the last sentence of tape playback, slow release, calendar, clock display, automatic alarm and other practical functions, will be more convenient use;
6, choose cost-effective: close to the money to buy specialized production, high technology content, long time to repeat, powerful, reliable quality repeater, that is, on the choice

Functions of repetition machine

1, smart punctuation, so to achieve a point about sowing one, does not need to manually pause at the end of the sentence. When you play sentence by point, learners don’t have to worry about missing the end of the sentence and listening more focused on the pronunciation.
2, memory card. One is the need to review, summary, review the difficulties; another is in effect, quickly jump between the memory card, especially for teachers in the teaching process quickly returned to the specific teaching position.
3, automatic repeat, automatic repeat sentence provides time, playback and repeat frequency adjustable, convenient user passive learning, since you can play while listening, walk and listen to.
4, the pronunciation of the dictionary, the advantage is directly to the subtitles choice, pick words quickly, and the pronunciation of the real life can be repeated.
5, enter the time point of quick jump. The audio is very long and needs to be played from the middle. It takes a long time to reach the fast forward, and the time point is quickly entered.

Repetition machine principle

On the basis of portable radio cassette recorder, the repeater has added a multi-function language signal access device which is formed by micro processing chip and digital memory chip. It is in the tape playback and converts the analog signal to digital signal, stored in digital memory chip; repeat state transforms the digital signal into analog signals in the memory, the power amplified by the speaker to restore voice. The conversion of all the states of the repeating machine is accomplished under the control of the micro processor chip of the computer.

Brief introduction of repeater

A repeater is a machine that stores sounds and plays them repeatedly. On the basis of portable radio cassette recorder, a multi-function language signal access device is formed after micro processing chip and digital memory chip. It is in the tape playback and converts the analog signal to digital signal, stored in digital memory chip; repeat state transforms the digital signal into analog signals in the memory, the power amplified by the speaker to restore voice.

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